User Engagement

User Engagement refers to the degree of user interaction within the app. Metrics to measure user engagement includes average session count, average session duration, monthly active users, and daily active users. It is also measured by tracking the number of downloads, shares, clicks, and more.

User engagement is an essential factor that determines the performance of the application. High user engagement shows that the users are in-app for a relatively long period of time. Mobile app developers use several strategies to increase user engagement. These include smooth onboarding, maintaining a regular stream of new content, and building a new customized funnel based on user segmentation.

Importance of user engagement

The overall profit of the mobile app business is highly correlated with user engagement. Highly engaged users are the ones likely to buy a product or service. This allows businesses to grow by engaging them with ads, subscriptions, or sales.

Marketing teams can also analyze the factors that lead to the growth of their business based on user engagement.

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