User Acquisition

User Acquisition refers to the process of gaining new users to a mobile app through marketing strategies. The main goal of this process is to acquire lifetime value (LTV) users who are ROI positive. Publishers and app developers use various techniques, ad platforms and marketing channels to determine the effective way to acquire new users. After selecting the most profitable channels, businesses focus on maximizing the active users.

In the mobile app business, new installs are generated through organic traffic, paid advertising, and App Store Optimization (ASO).

The paid user acquisition requires paying ad networks to display ads that encourage the target audience to download the app. For effective user acquisition and to improve the ROAS, it is important to track the performance of each platform.

App Store Optimization is one of the best methods to increase traffic to your mobile application by ranking it higher on the Google play store or App Store. ASO is done through targeting keywords, backlinking, and improving Click Through Rate (CTR).

Another effective way to gain a more user base is by Re-targeting and Re-engaging methods. This targets users who have already interacted with the business but have not downloaded the app, users who have uninstalled the app, and keeping the existing users active.

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