Supply Side Platform (SSP)

A supply-side platform (SSP) is an ad exchange platform used by publishers to manage, sell and optimize their ad inventory. SSP is also referred to as a sell-side platform. The supply-side platform plays a crucial role in real-time bidding and programmatic advertising.

It enables publishers to optimize the yield by connecting their ad inventory to the Demand Side Platform (DSP) and multiple ad exchanges.

How publishers use SSP to sell their ad inventory?

Publishers can display in-app ads to their visitors and monetize their app. SSPs can in turn sell the inventory either directly to ad networks, demand-side platforms, or through Real-time bidding.

When the publisher makes an ad inventory available on SSP, millions of ad requests are sent. In the case of RTB, the publisher sets the floor price for an ad inventory and the buyer with the highest bidding gets the ad unit.

Advantages of SSP: SSP offers a number of benefits to the publishers.

  1. Selling an inventory can be automated and transactions are handled by the ad networks.
  2. SSP gives the publishers detailed information on who is bidding at what price.
  3. Connecting to multiple ad networks through SSP allows more buyers to take part in RTB and achieve a better yield.
  4. SSP allows the publisher to set the floor price ensuring profits to the publisher by making sure the inventory is not sold under a fixed price limit.

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