Soft Launch

Soft Launch refers to the process of releasing an app or product ahead of its scheduled launch without any marketing push. Soft launches act like “rehearsal” for the full launch and give the app developers a simulation of real-world interaction. Soft launches are limited to a number of users.

Advantages of Soft Launch

Soft Launch offers a cost-effective approach for app developers. It can also help them fix bugs or analyze user reactions before the actual launch. Soft launches help the support team get trained practically by exposing them to situations and real-world scenarios. Additionally, soft launches help companies gather real-time data about their apps and services.

Soft Launch Strategies

Regarding soft launches, the most important data are user and app performance data. It helps to know the app’s audience interest and determine the success rate of the current user acquisition strategy.

Moreover, a live app can help developers to see which features are popular and help them add extra features to provide a better user experience.

Lastly, it helps understand which monetization strategy works with higher efficacy. Ad implementation can be tested thoroughly before launching and exposing the app to a full audience.

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