Organic Installs

Organic Installs refer to the app download that happens on their own when a user makes this decision without the intervention of marketing campaigns. Organic installs cannot be tracked by performance, marketing, or advertising sources. They are not attributed to a specific install source. These installs cannot be followed by performance marketing or advertising sources.

Importance of organic installs: Organic app installs result in high-value users as these users give a higher retention rate and increase the app revenue. Organic installs reduce CPI costs. Organic users tend to be more active and therefore result in higher retention rates.

Factors that can influence organic app installs include

  1. App store optimization: App store optimization is the process of making the app rank at the top in-app store or play store, this can attract potential users to download the highest-ranking app.
  2. Encouraged word of mouth: In-app sharing options and articles that feature the app will drive more downloads
  3. Localizing app launch: Targeting the right user base or specific demographic can boost installs.

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