Native Ads

Native ads are system-initiated customizable ads. They appear as a part of a seamless app design and give a seamless user experience. Native ads are paid ads within the app content and they are very engaging to the users.

App developers customize how apps should look, by choosing colors, and fonts graphics. These ads match the look and feel of an app as they are blended into the app’s layout.

Native ads are best suited for communication, lifestyle, tool apps, and personalization apps. Imagine you are scrolling through Instagram and you come across a sponsored post, related to health and lifestyle. Though you can recognize that it is paid content, you might be tempted to click on it to read further. You have just experienced native advertising.

Native ads are the most effective for the app monetization process as they give the users a positive and seamless ad experience. Native ads can produce high Click-Through Rates (CTR) and boost conversions. Native ads get higher engagement than traditional ads.

Increasing your Ad Revenue was never easier.

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