Monthly Active Users (MAU)

Monthly Active Users (MAU) measures the unique number of users that visit the app within a monthly time frame (30 days). Banking apps usually use the MAU metric to measure the number of users over a 30-day period, through user ID, username, or E-mail. To get a better insight, monthly active users can be measured in relation to Daily Active Users (DAU).

The number of users, user action, and the time frame are the most important components to determine MUA. The user may simply visit the app or may perform an action within the app, taking it into consideration is totally based on the business or app criteria.

MAU can be calculated by defining criteria for the users and frequency of engagement. High MAU indicates good app engagement and retention. Other metrics like growth rate, churn rate, and overall app revenue can be used in relation to MAU to get a clear insight into the app’s performance.

MAU can be increased through push notifications, in-app messages, E-mail/ SMS, and deep linking.

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