Frequency Capping

Frequency Capping helps limit the number of times an ad is shown to the user. Viewing the same ad over and over again can cause ad burnout or ad fatigue. Though the ad impression remains unchanged, overexposure to the same ad can lead to a click-through rate drop (CTR).

Importance of frequency capping

  • Showing users ads at a certain frequency can keep the content interesting.
  • Frequency capping helps customize ad viewability.
  • Campaign budgets need not be spent on ads that will be ignored anyway.
  • Helps in optimization of ad campaigns.

Some of the terms to define frequency include

Cap impression frequency – where the number of times ads are shown to the same user is counted to make sure they don’t show it to them more than 5 or a dozen times.

Cap view frequency – where the number of interactions is measured from the users to determine their interest in the ad and when it begins to drop.

Time capping – where certain ads are shown only during a timeframe so that they are not getting repetitive.

Dayparting – where ads are shown at different times of the day when it will be the most relevant to the viewers.

When it comes to frequency capping, paying attention to ad viewability rate, customizing frequency caps, and having a creative rotation of ads can help optimize in-app advertising

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