Fill Rate

Fill rate is an important metric for mobile app monetization. Fill rate is a metric to gauge the performance of an ad network. The fill rate is calculated by dividing the number of ad impressions received by the app by the number of times the app sent an ad request.

Fill Rate = Ad Impressions / Ad Requests

The highest app fill rate means the publishers can earn more revenue. By looking at the eCPM of the ad network, they can also analyze which ad network can fill a high percentage of ad requests.

Importance of fill rate

When an ad request is not filled, the app developers can lose out on earnings. Therefore, it is important for the fill requests to be high.

How to increase the fill rate?

Matching the app with the right ad network, understanding the user base and placing the ads strategically. Connecting with multiple ad networks can help with filling the ad request sooner. The fill rate is important for an app developer to estimate the overall app revenue hence making sure to partner with the right platform is important. Connect with AppBroda today!

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