eCPM stands for effective cost per Millie. It is the metric used to estimate ad revenue publishers can expect from every thousand impressions.

eCPM = (Total Earnings/Impressions) × 1000

eCPM is measured across various platforms and is used to compare ad monetization across variables such as ad network, ad unit, OS, location, and more. The higher the metric, the higher the revenue an app is generating from its ad inventory. It helps publishers estimate their future revenue. eCPM from the previous campaign can be used as a benchmark for testing the best-performing ads on the site.

Publishers can evaluate their performance in monetization. A good eCPM will depend on factors such as ad placement, location, seasonality, site speed, user engagement, advertising format, advertising channel, and audience reach.

eCPM can be increased by implementing a supply-side platform and joining multiple ad networks. By testing different ad formats and sizes. Optimizing ad layout, increasing ad viewability, improving user experience, and making sure apps are optimized.

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