Daily Active Users

Daily active users measure the number of users who visit the app on a daily basis. DAU is an important factor to measure the success of the app. The user stays active on the app for a period of time. During this time, each user is counted uniquely to give the app developers an accurate figure of how many people interact with their app.

Importance of active users:

For any app business, active users are the driving force to generate revenue. A Healthy count of active users adds to the advantage of the app’s success over time. Active user counts help in analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Spikes in the active users on a daily or weekly caused by push notifications can be analyzed against like-for-like campaigns. This can be used to measure app performance.

App metrics such as retention rate and lifetime value can be calculated based on the active user number. Hence active user count acts as a way of checking the general health of the app and further calculating deeper and more informative metrics.

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