Casual Games

Casual games are designed with simple rules and short sessions for everyone to understand and play. Casual games have fewer barriers to register and play. Unlike hyper-casual and hardcore games, these games do not require much time and help relieve boredom and stress. Casual games can be played at any given time- while commuting, watching tv etc. One such popular app is the candy crush saga.

Casual games have a free to play model with in-app ads and in-app purchases for monetization. They also follow other monetization strategies. There are different subcategories within casual games such as hidden objects, puzzles, adventure, card games, arcades and more.

In-app advertising: Casual players usually spend less time hence engagement and retention rates are usually less. The players generally play these games to help them relax, so if the app is going to be bombarded with ads it might annoy the players. Ad placement and how apps appear during gameplay are essentially very critical. Giving users a seamless app experience can help in better monetization.

In-app purchasing: In-app purchasing in casual games includes boosters and extra lives that can help reduce difficulty in levels and help the players continue the game. Players are conscious of their progress in the game and may feel impatient, which can drive them to purchase these extras.

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