Banner Ads

Mobile banner ads are system-generated rectangular static or dynamic ads that are placed strategically within the app’s layout. They appear either at the top or bottom of the screen or occupy the whole screen and refresh automatically after a certain period of time.

Banner ads are the oldest yet most popular form of advertising on mobile apps; because they are easy to integrate into an app for monetization. On the contrary, banner ads are efficient in generating ad impressions and increasing brand awareness.

Banner Ad Sizes: Banner ads come in different sizes. It is also possible to customize them based on the app layout.

1. Standard Banner 320×50: Standard banner is the most commonly used type and is usually displayed at the top and bottom of an app.

2. Large Banner 320×100: Large banners are slightly wider than the standard ones and can display more imagery and video ads than texts.

3. Medium Rectangle 300×250: Medium rectangular ads are the ones that go in the middle of app content that users can view while scrolling through.

4. Smart Banner: Smart banners are adjustable banners depending on the device size.
Banner ads can boost your app monetization and are a great mobile ad placement strategy. Banner ads are a great starting point for beginners and app developers. Mobile banner ads keep refreshing often and show users new content.

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