App Rating

Users give app ratings based on their experiences with the app. The ratings help others decide which app they should try out in the future. Ratings play an essential role in the app’s success. A good app rating will help in the app conversion rate.

App rating varies in the google play store and iOS app store. For Android and iOS apps, users can give a star rating and a written review. The app developers can respond to these comments in the google play store, while for the app store, the app developers will not be able to respond to the comments. However, if a user leaves a negative comment on the app store that affects the performance, the developer can remove the comment if the user device is an old model.

Reviews and Ratings influence the app’s ranking in the search results. Acknowledge user grievances and never leave any comment unattended. Apologize for any inconvenience caused and provide support and necessary contact when required.

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