App Localization

App localization is the process of refining an app to target specific geographic users. Mobile app use has become worldwide; hence localization of apps is extremely important. Localization is done by adapting the app’s functionality and interface to suit the targeted users from different demography.

App localization help increase the app’s user base. For example, making an app available worldwide by incorporating different languages suited to people across countries can broaden the network. You can also include the app descriptions in a language specific to the targeted region in the app store. Ad creatives translated to that language or a different language version of the app.

There are a few factors to consider while localizing the app. App content must be updated depending on the country’s culture, language, choice of words, image, graphics, and feel. Optimize the app content in the search engines popular in the respective geo-location.

App file size should be taken into consideration; some parts of the world do not have access to a stable Wi-fi connection. If the app file size is large, people may not be able to download the app.

App store localization is also important as the app store ecosystem is fragmented across the globe; there are different storage options available. Some countries are IP protected; hence checking on the trademarks and copyrights of the app and making sure they can be extended to the targeted country is essential.

The string must be changed to a different language for Android App localisation, while for iOS App localization, the Xcode should be changed to the default state language.

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