Android App Advertising

Android app advertising has tremendous advantages in achieving huge-scale growth. Once apps acquire a vast user base, they can earn revenue and make their apps a scalable business. App developers can monetize their apps through ad networks. Working with multiple ad networks will give way to filling ad requests quicker and with the right type of ad.

Android app advertising can be done in several ways. In-app advertising is the most widely used form of app advertising. There are multiple types of ads that can be added to an app. Ads shown in in-app advertising include video ads and playable ads, which are totally opt-in for the users.

In System initiated ads, the app developer devices when the ad opens and plays. The users don’t get to choose. System-initiated ads are great for monetization and engaging users who generally don’t interact with high-value ads.

It is to be noted that these types of ads can be obstructive to the users, and it needs to be shown at the right time. In-game android advertising is similar to in-app. Rewarded ads are the commonly used ad type. Viewing or clicking these ads gives users rewards like extra lives or coins. This gives a win-win situation for both the users and app developers. It further increases user retention as users can keep playing with the extra rewards and increase their active session time.

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