Ad Server

An Ad server is a digital application platform used by publishers, advertisers, ad agencies, and ad networks to manage and run online advertising campaigns. The ad server can make instantaneous decisions about which ads will be shown in an app. The ad server collects information such as impressions and clicks for the advertisers to analyze how their ads are performing.

Types of Ad servers

1. First-party ad servers: The publisher’s ad server is called the first-party ad server. It helps them manage their ad slots and helps decide on what ads will be shown to their users. It is an end-to-end solution for publishers. Some exclusive features like precise audience targeting, automatic linking and advanced analytics publishers make prioritized deals.

2. Third-party ad servers: The advertiser’s ad server is called the third-party ad server. It helps advertisers analyze their ad campaign performance through clicks and impressions, which in turn help advertisers deliver a quality experience. Advanced capping, sophisticated analytics, and rich media interactive elements are features of this type of ad server.

The ad server can support multiple ad sizes making it compatible with different screens and browsers, which results in increased visibility and better ROI. Ad servers can also give real-time analytics on how the ads are performing. Ad servers can also customize ads based on browser history, device language, location, etc.

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