Profitably grow your App with the right users.

Our Google Ad specialists grow your App with the right users. Let a professional optimize your Google & Facebook Ads so that you achieve the desired results with a positive ROI.

Ad Management

Your Challenges

❌ Unable to consume the budget
❌ Very high CPI
❌ Negative ROAS
❌ Don’t understand Geo Targeting
❌ Managing everything yourself
❌ No support from Google or Facebook Ads
❌ Policy Violations

Our Solutions

Ad campaign experts curate the best Ad creatives that deliver and convert
8+ years of experience in Google Ads, search engine marketing, and Universal App Campaign
✅ Data-backed Geo-targeting to reach the right target audience
Ad campaigns effectually optimize your cost-per-install (CPI)
Dedicated Account Managers for quick support
Ad Campaign experts resolve and prevent critical Policy Violations

What We Offer

Strategic Geo-Targeting

Our google ad specialists run geo-targeted campaigns on Google & Facebook to boost ROAS. We strategically break countries and target CPI to ensure uninterrupted user acquisition while meeting your KPIs.

Data-Backed App Advertising

Are you targeting the right audience through your Google Ad Campaigns? At AppBroda, our data-backed app advertising campaigns and analytical approaches maximize and transform your app business.

Dedicated Account Manager

Managing, analyzing, and optimizing your paid advertising efforts is a full-time task. Our 24x7 dedicated account manager provides complete support and takes care of your day-to-day campaign management.

Ad campaigns To Optimize CPI

Significantly improve your Google Ad campaigns! Our Google Ads management team optimizes your CPI using data-driven insights and localized creatives and solves account suspension or policy issues.

Innovative Features

Ad Budget Management

From setting your initial budget to ensuring your ad campaigns use the budget effectively, we got it all under control.

No Reservations

No matter your ad earnings, we do not have any reservations about onboarding you.

Personalized Ad Creatives

Our team understands your proposition and creates the best-performing ad creatives to improve CTR and conversions.

Solve Critical Policy Violation

Contact our experts to solve Google Ads account suspensions and critical policy violations.


Quality Users & App Installs

Quality users builts a successful app business! Hence, we at AppBroda, study your users and target them accurately.

We manage your Google ads and Facebook ads campaign with intent to optimize cost per install (CPI) by at least 20% to 30%.

Our optimization specialists track and monitor keywords, traffic, rankings, etc., to offer functional ways to increase your installs and improve your rankings and reviews.

We help you scale globally with localized ad campaigns through various ad management platforms for your app.

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