Maximize your revenue from the top mediation platforms

Boost your top line by 40% by integrating your ironSource or Applovin mediation with Google AdManager without any SDK.

Your Challenges

❌ Finding high quality ad networks
❌ Stagnant ad revenue from mediation platforms
❌ Increasing fill rates & eCPMs
❌ Integrating heavy SDKs
❌ Reporting issue on ironSource or other mediation platforms
❌ Difficulty running A/B tests and gathering results

Our Solutions

✅ Explore Google AdManager’s(GAM) premium demand
✅ Boost revenue by integrating GAM to your mediation stack
✅ Streamlined reporting and optimization result that scales
✅ Run efficient A/B tests with data-backed decisions to optimize revenue
✅ Increase eCPMs and get higher fill rate
✅ No SDK integration required

Optimizing revenue on ironSource and Applovin mediation

AppBroda helps publishers on mediation platforms like IronSource or AppLovin to optimize their ad revenue. With our data-driven strategies and Google AdManager demand, we optimize your demand stack to yield up to 40% higher revenue.

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What we offer?

Maximize your fill rate

AppBroda helps app publishers to leverage the full potential of their ad mediation platforms to maximize their opportunity from mobile apps. Our optimization specialists ensures 99.9% fill rate to maximize your ad revenue.

Ensure highest eCPM

We ensures you get the highest eCPM for every ad impression by optimizing your ad mediation stack regularly. We increase the competition for your inventory by suggesting strategic floor pricing to increase your eCPM.

Access 10+ premium demand partners

Integrate our premium demand through Google Ad Manager without an SDK. Get access to exclusive demand by Google AdX, Inmobi, Pubmatic, Smaato, and many more ad exchanges with a trusted Google Partner.

How it works?

app growth network


Trusted by 500+ top app publishers across the globe.

Trusted Google MCM Partner

We are trusted Google Partner since our inception ensuring authenticity, policy compliance and scale for our publishers.

Data-Driven Approach

We are a team of adtech veterans, data analysts and engineers. We live and swear by data to ensure credibilty.

Transparency & Control

We offer complete control and transparency to publishers ensuring a smooth and long-lasting relationship.


What Our Client’s Say

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