Revealing growth plan for Avast to gain atleast 10% surge in ad revenue.

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But what is AppBroda?

AppBroda is a leading Google MCM reseller with expertise in optimizing ad stacks and serving over 10 Billion+ impressions to our 200+ clients. Our top clients include Rollic games, Tilting point, Kwalee, Tutotoons, and more. With a highly skilled team, including founders with over 6 years of experience at Google, we excel in inventing new innovations and maximizing performance through Google Ad Manager.

Our eCPM across your top performing countries


Glimpse of the results you can expect

We are confident in our ability to deliver the eCPM shown in the chart, as we have consistently achieved similar results for our gaming clients in the top performing countries for Avast in the past year, i.e. USA, France, Brazil, Germany, UK & Poland.


Here are few reasons why our partners choose AppBroda

Experienced Team

Our Founders have 10+ years of industry experience & have worked for 6 years in Google with a very strong expertise in backend optimizations.

Highest eCPM guaranteed

We have invented a way to deliver highest eCPM for the entire lifespan of an ad unit to maximize your revenue potential.

Huge pool of advertisers

We have 15% more advertisers bidding for the same inventory & hence we are consistently the top GAM partner for all our clients.


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